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Best of All Gifts reader featured comment:

“The first in the series is great, but the second is far more exciting. Not strictly necessary to read the first to understand “The Best of All Gifts” due to author’s clever way of filling reader in on what transpired before. But you will want to anyway. Jonquil, the gift counselor who is also working on her PhD in psychology, finds love and learns a lot about herself….My reaction to this series is similar to how I feel when I read Jan Karon’s Mitford books. I am jealous that I can’t be included in their wonderful lives.” BMak, on Amazon, 2-20-18


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Christmas Fiction Author


Sheila was raised in South Shore on Chicago’s south side. This photo of the author was taken in the lobby of the Hamilton Movie Theatre on 71st Street and became the humorous Christmas gift she gave her parents that year.


Sheila had the great privilege of being onboard escort to James A. Michener and his wife Mari during a cruise through Alaska. The Micheners and Sheila are shown during a stop in Skagway.