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From an Amazon review of The Gift Counselor:

“It’s a masterfully woven story full of hope despair, faith and deep love. Also noteworthy is the ability to share the author’s feelings of tenderness toward children and psychological observations. Before you give one more gift, you must read this beautiful story first!”

Publishers Weekly Indie Spotlight endorsed this debut novel as “goodwill for adults.” 

Both Gift Counselor novels are now available digitally on Kobo, apple, & Barnes and Noble! And most online book stores.

NEWS: “Wheat or Chaff” short story published in Agape Review!

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 “What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.” Mother Teresa.
Unique, beautiful, creative gifts for any occasion!

Please donate your used books in good condition to our armed forces and their families by visiting or your local VA hospital.————————————–  Order copies of THE GIFT COUNSELOR novels in paperback or Kindle format for you and a friend today!


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